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Frequently Asked Questions

from our customers

In the FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question, check to see your question is answered on the FAQ page. Should we not answer your question, please contact us.

“Cost of Buyer,” usually abbreviated as k.k. after the asking price, means that the transfer costs are borne by the buyer. These are the costs that the government attaches to the transfer of a property. These are the transfer tax (2%), the notary fees for preparing the deed of delivery and the cost of registering it in the registers. In addition, the buyer should take into account the (notary) fees for the preparation and registration of the mortgage deed. If the selling party has used a real estate agent to sell the home, the selling party will be responsible for the costs. After all, the selling broker represents the interests of the seller and not you as the buyer. The brokerage commission for a buying broker does come at the buyer’s expense.

You may. A negotiation need not yet lead to a sale. The seller always has the right to continue looking for another buyer and may want to know if there is more interest. Finally, the first bidder does not have to be the best. In fact, sometimes there are so many interested parties that it is difficult to determine who will be the best buyer. In that case, the selling broker, in consultation with the seller, may decide to break off the ongoing negotiations and change the bidding procedure to then opt for a tender procedure, for example. In this process, all bidders have an equal chance to make the highest bid.

We have our purchase agreements prepared exclusively by notaries.

This can be done either digitally or simply on paper. The majority of signatures today are digital. This can be arranged remotely through the notary. Everyone who needs to sign the purchase agreement will then be sent a personal link that verifies your identification. Prefer not to draw digitally? To sign the paper version, you can either sign it in person (or have it signed) at the notary, or send the documents by mail.

A verbal agreement between private seller and the private buyer is not legally valid. In other words, there is no sale. There is a legally valid purchase only when the private seller and the private buyer have signed the purchase agreement. This follows from Article 7:2 of the Civil Code. By the way, a confirmation of the oral agreement by e-mail or a sent draft of the purchase agreement is not considered a “signed purchase agreement.

Buyers may let us know that financing is complete, but they are not required to report it. We will of course pass this on to you when we receive notification of this. Do we not hear anything and have the reservations expired? Then this means it is complete and the (sales) sale is final.

Since Jan. 1, 2015, an energy label has become mandatory upon completion of your home when it is sold. If you cannot provide a final energy label when you transfer your home, you risk a fine.

We have several independent appraisers in our network. Contact us for more information.

The term hiring is primarily another term for renting space or property. This term is often used in brokerage, as the opposite of letting.

Den Uyl Real Estate is:

  • 24/7 Reachable & committed family business
  • Wide network with exclusive opportunities
  • Reliable & transparent customized service
  • Result-oriented on a no cure – no pay basis

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Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

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Rutger always kept calm in the overheated housing market. He is pleasant to contact and remarkably accessible.

- Roselie Van Kessel