Sales styling for your home

Using sales styling to appeal to the right target audience

People buy homes based on feelings. To appeal to the right audience and achieve the utmost sales result, it is recommended to work with a sales styling.

With sales styling, you can focus on what is beautiful about your home, making it sell even better.

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At Den Uyl Real Estate, we have a wide network of stylists specializing in sales styling who can help your home get the perfect interior design. They have large sheds of furniture and accessories and offer the option of renting them for a certain period of time to keep the property attractive to potential buyers during viewings. Once the sale is complete, they will come back to pick up the interior!

Neutral and modern furnishings – combined with an optimal layout – will allow you to get the most out of the home.

General tips

Sales styling

  • A few hours before the viewing, open all windows to air out so that your house smells nice and fresh.

  • Make sure a pet is “away from home” at the time of a viewing. Move them elsewhere in time. Remove all visible animal gear and enclosures. You are used to the smell and no longer smell it, potential buyers who do not have pets will smell it.

  • Before going through the house with the vacuum cleaner, vacuum a little washing powder (not liquid detergent) into an empty vacuum cleaner bag: this gives a wonderful smell.

  • Mop hard floors (tile, tile, laminate, parquet, etc.) with e.g. All-purpose eucalyptus cleaner for a fresh scent. Inspect doors, doorposts, handles and kitchen cabinets for (dirty) fingerprints.

  • Should the refrigerator be opened, make sure no dominant fish or garlic smell comes out.

  • Remember to empty and clean (food scraps) the dishwasher, should it be opened by viewers.

  • Open curtains, blinds, net curtains and blinds as far as possible, awnings and shutters up. Light is space! And daylight is a favorite.

  • In attics, work closets and other dark corners, turn on the lights ahead of time, it immediately enters pleasantly.

  • Ensure a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

  • Be sure to check the toilet: make sure the toilet smells clean (after cleaning, put a dash of toilet cleaner with eucalyptus scent in it) and put the seat down(!). Logical? Still, it is common to forget that in the rush. Also, if people are using your toilet during an open house day, check that the seat is back down).

  • Is your coat rack overflowing, too? Fine… But not if you get a viewing! Remove the coats, all but 1, from the coat rack (it’s best to put them in your car in the back seat for a while).

  • And of course the oh-so-famous freshly baked bread or apple pie smell is good.

  • Finally, do you have beautiful flowers and fresh fruit on a platter?

You’re all set, so bring on those viewers!

They went before you

We have sold several homes using sales styling. Want to see an example? Check out the page below.

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Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

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They went before you

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With a good listening ear, great mutual connections and valuable advice, the house hunt ended very positively after 3 months. Overjoyed with my purchase and the support Rutger has offered me over the past few weeks!

- Nikita Geerlings

Via via I came into contact with Rutger, and was told that I could send him an app and that he could help me find a home in the short term. Of course done immediately, forms filled in and Rutger certainly succeeded in helping me find a perfect home. Now I am the one who forwards his contact to house-seeking friends, with the expectation that he will also find a nice home for them! I can only say ‘top service’, personal, fast and fair.

- Laure Dirven