Purchase broker

Buying your dream home completely worry-free

Want to buy a house, but not sure where to start? Or do you have your eye on a house and want expert advice and/or to outsource the negotiating? We specialize in buying houses in Amsterdam, The Hague and surrounding areas. Because we know that every case is different, we provide customized service.


Sales broker

Selling your house completely worry-free

When selling a home, it is to your advantage to hire an expert. That way, you can be sure you won’t overlook anything and get maximum value for your home.

Hiring agent

Are you looking for a rental property but are one of the many who apply every time?

Renting a house without a real estate agent can be a tricky process. Thus, in this market, it is common that there is much more demand than supply. As a result, every time you miss your opportunity or are tempted to take up an unattractive offer. Fortunately, we can mean a lot to you in this regard. We know the market and prices and know exactly what to look for when renting a home. That way you can be sure that you won’t overlook anything and all matters will be handled professionally.


Rental agent

Find suitable tenants for your property

When hiring, we act exclusively for our client. However, we do have a network of other real estate agents who have many searchers on file. Thus, there is more opportunity to move very quickly and find a suitable tenant. We can also market the property for you. This is always determined by mutual agreement.


House Search

With our service you have a higher success rate

Are you looking for a house in Amsterdam, The Hague or the surrounding area? We specialize in these areas. For example, we have enjoyed helping searchers find their dream home here for years.



Want to outsource the management of your real estate?

Den Uyl Real Estate is also the right place for residential property management and active property management. We can relieve you of all your worries and specialize in the financial, commercial and technical management of real estate.


Free valuation

What is my house worth?

We can accurately tell you what your home is currently worth. We do a valuation for free and with no obligation. Such a valuation is useful if you are thinking about selling your home. With the market value in mind, you can set a realistic asking price for your home and know better what to consider when looking for a new home. This facilitates the progress of both the buying and selling process.


Prevent a shutdown

Den Uyl Real Estate is happy to provide service from a to z. From orienting to a home and the entire home buying and selling process to advising utilities and architects and contractors.


Building inspection

Independent report of architectural condition

A building inspection is an inspection of an existing home to assess its structural condition. To get the fairest possible picture of this condition, the inspection is always done by an independent party. From the inspection comes a report with the cost of possible improvements to the home. Since we, as your real estate agent, will relieve you from a to z when buying or selling your house, we will also provide a good structural engineer if required.


Energy Label

When selling a home, it is mandatory to have a current energy label.

The energy label provides insight into the energy efficiency of your home. It can also provide insight into opportunities to improve energy efficiency and comfort.


Mortgage Advice

From orientation to advice

Most people use a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home. We are happy to help you find the right partner so that you are stronger when making a bid.



Choosing the right parner

In order for the processes to run as smoothly as possible, it is important to work with a fast and accurate, knowledgeable notary.


Getting the property appraised

When you apply for a mortgage when purchasing a home, the lender requires an appraisal. Den Uyl Real Estate then asks an independent party to prepare an appraisal report so that financing can be arranged.

Architect or contractor

Finding the right partner

When you buy a house that you still want to remodel, it is often nice to work with an architect or a contractor. Do you already have these in your network yourself? If not; where can you find them and what to look for when choosing?


Home staging

Address the right audience

People buy homes based on feelings. To appeal to the right audience and achieve the utmost sales result, it is recommended to work with a sales styling. This allows you to focus on what is beautiful about your home, making it sell even better.

They went before you

Who better to tell about our services than our customers?

I am very happy to have called in Rutger. Within a short time he arranged a beautiful apartment. Highly recommended!

- Steven

Without Rutger we would never have found such a nice house in such a short period of time. In no time he had lined up several excellent apartments to view and the second one was already hit. That’s nice doing business! Especially in a time when it is not at all self-evident that you have a nice house for a nice price in an A-location. Rutger delivered quality, and quickly too. An absolute must!

- Yvonne Besteman