The usefulness of a building inspection

A building inspection is an inspection of an existing home to assess its structural condition. To get the fairest possible picture of this condition, the inspection is always done by an independent party. From the inspection comes a report with the cost of possible improvements to the home. In this, we distinguish between short-term and long-term maintenance. Since we, as your real estate agent, will relieve you from a to z when (re)buying your house, we will also provide a good construction expert if required.

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The right time to do the inspection

Some possibilities

  • Before or during negotiations. That way you can factor this into your final decision whether or not to buy the house. The downside of this is that it may deter the seller and other interested parties may take their chances.
  • Just before or after signing the purchase contract. For example, you can make an offer subject to a building inspection.
  • When selling your home, you can make the record even more attractive by already having a building inspection done yourself.
  • Finally, it is helpful to understand what maintenance the house needs. This applies both for your own use and when you want to split the property and sell it (in parts). Requirements when splitting vary by municipality or district. For example, the City of Amsterdam requires a 10-year maintenance-free situation.

How it works.

As a real estate agent, we will fully guide you through this process. We also have several structural engineers with whom we have had good experiences. Sometimes it happens that we want to book a building inspection within 24 hours. Because we have good contacts, you have a better chance of getting in.


Booking a building inspection

We will agree on a time and date. It is nice if both parties are there, to see on the spot what comes out of the inspection.
If there are certain areas of concern, we talk them through beforehand.


The building inspection

The structural engineer inspects the condition of the home. With an apartment, this will basically only involve the apartment itself and the common areas that can be accessed.

It is good to keep in mind that this is a snapshot in time. Also, no specialized or destructive examinations are performed during a building inspection. That amounts to not making measurements or calculations. Nor does one remove parts to assess underlying structures or components.
Immediately after the inspection, the structural engineer gives a brief explanation of his findings and the defects found.


The architectural report

After the building inspection, the structural engineer prepares a report that includes all the insights, the defects found and the costs for repair and maintenance.

Different from other brokers in Amsterdam and The Hague

Den Uyl Real Estate distinguishes itself as a real estate agent in Amsterdam and The Hague in, among other things, flexibility, customized service and result orientation. In addition to the highest achievable result, we value no-nonsense humanity. It is important to us that everyone has a good feeling about the cooperation. Because that’s what makes work enjoyable, and that’s how we can muster the energy to always be there for you!

Furthermore, as a family business, we know exactly what we have in common. This allows us to ensure that everyone has the same motivation and reliability to give clients the optimal result. Our employees are available every day, even outside office hours. In short: whenever we are awake, we are available to our customers!


Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

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