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Want to buy a house, but not sure where to start? Or do you have your eye on a house and want expert advice and/or to outsource the negotiating? We specialize in buying houses in Amsterdam, The Hague and surrounding areas. Because we know that every case is different, we provide customized service.

You are looking for a partner who listens to you, goes with you to viewings, is easily accessible, has knowledge of the market, a party who will work with you to find a house that feels like a new home, for the best attainable price.

You want to buy a house that really feels like a home


We are Den Uyl Real Estate. We are Den Uyl Real Estate: a reliable family business with short lines and personal contact, 24/7 accessibility, knowledge of the market, surrounded by a wide network of good connections. With a no-nonsense approach, our goal is to unburden you as much as possible and transparently achieve the best result for you by finding you the right house at the best feasible price.

Our six-step plan

Because we have good contacts within the market and are available on all days (including outside office hours), we offer more opportunity and flexibility to find the best home for you. Our offer is constantly being supplemented with houses and properties, not only through Funda, but also from our own network. This gives you exclusive opportunities to purchase homes before those homes appear on the open market and other interested parties bid on them. This therefore gives you an edge over others. We will also show you how much a house is worth and why that is so. Due in part to our good relationships with fellow real estate agents, we often manage to purchase homes competitively. With this, you can actually save money in the current market by working with us.


Introductory interview

First of all, during an introductory meeting we would like to map out your wishes, preferences and possibilities together as well as possible. With this, we can then make a very targeted inventory of the current supply. During this conversation, we also explain our possible methods of working and make the costs clear.



Based on your search profile, we will forward properties to you that we think are suitable. Of course, you can also send us properties you are interested in. In consultation with you, we schedule viewings. Den Uyl Real Estate tries to go with you as much as possible, as our schedule allows. When things don’t work out immediately, we as real estate agents often get a second chance from our colleagues.


Advice, bidding & negotiation

During the viewing, we review the structural condition and state of repair of the house. Are you interested in this house? Then we find out all the rest, such as legal condition, value, marketability, condition of the foundation, possible contamination of the land, zoning, etc., among others. If, in our opinion, the house would not be a good purchase, we will give honest advice on this. In any case, we want our network to look back on our collaborations with a good feeling.

Depending on the process of selling the house, we will determine whether we can make an offer on a one-to-one negotiation basis or a deadline. We will stay in close contact with the sales broker to identify the requirements. We also ensure that our proposal meets clear conditions so that it is attractive to engage with us. If necessary, we will have a building inspection done. We handle the bidding, but of course always only after the buyer has approved it.



If we reach an agreement, we will confirm all terms and conditions. If desired, we will schedule a building inspection. We then send all the documents to the notary for the preparation of the deed of sale and ensure that the purchase agreement is drawn up properly.


Appraisal & financing

The house will be appraised, then we may be waiting for financing approval until the sale is official. In some cases, we consult closely with the parties arranging your financing to get everything completed on time. When it is final, there will be a 10% deposit.


Delivery & key transfer

The time has come: you are getting the keys to your new home! We take meter readings and go to the notary for the deed of delivery and key transfer.

Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

Why Den Uyl Real Estate

Result-oriented on a no cure - no pay basis

Reliable & transparent customized service

Wide network with exclusive opportunities

24/7 Reachable & committed family business

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I was put in touch with Rutger by an old colleague, because I was looking for an apartment to buy in Amsterdam. After a number of pleasant conversations, I soon noticed that Rutger is an ambitious young estate agent who likes to go the extra mile for you. He has a very broad network with regard to various areas of expertise (mortgage advisers, notaries, fellow maker boot, etc). I would describe Rutger as honest, driven and level-headed. Highly recommended when it comes to buying/renting houses in Amsterdam.

- Sun De Rover

Via via we came into contact with Rutger. From the beginning we had good contact with each other and we never appealed to him in vain. After all the ghost stories about the Amsterdam real estate market, we had a hard head, but we soon had our eye on a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood. Rutger helped us very well and with the first apartment we bid on he managed to arrange the purchase for us. Thanks again Rutger and I would definitely recommend you.

- Sybrien